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To Our Beloved Kindred…

in times and seasons such as these. Into the Beltane, crossquarter between spring and summer we go ! Our winter’s rest is truly over. Opportunities abound and in many ways demand our attention. BLESSED are the roads and choices ahead, at the very least worthy of strong consideration. As various parts of the mainstream reality continue to deteroriarate and revelations fuel the masses, movements under foot?

Have prayer will travel…! Hardyville, Kentucky…home of Sweetwater Tipi! Grandmother’s Wisdom Retreat promises the sweet connection to Nature walking a labrinyth, Tea with the Crone Elspeth of the Road….and the evolution of Changing Woman Ceremony with Sangoma!

Lots of open space in which the tools of sacred acstivism are recharged and mastered.

This Wise women’s council honored the path of Beauty and Peace that cultivates good medicine for the people. May 5th-8th.

Odun Oshun welcomes all keepers of the culture, artists, drummers, gardeners to take the pilgrimage to Oyotunji African Village….beaches nearby, Lowcountry sunsets and good vibes at the Kolanut Kafe!

The sacred ceremony of inipi will be poured on the edge of the Kinnection Campout in Deerfield, NC. Year Two for the immersion of the Earthskills Village into this 1500 participants, Lovers of Music in the woods!

Whose headed to Camp Reggae for Memorial Day Weekend? $65 Earlybird registration NOW open! If you are just hearing of this sweet valley in Isabella, tenn. DO say Sangoma sent ya!

May 28th-June 5th Odun Egungun, Celebration of the Ancestors, Oyotunji African Village. The Blessings and lively , colorful masquerade brings the history of our family lineages ALIVE!

There are movements afoot and conversations continuing to be had! Keep your thisrd eye open…the revolution is NOT being televised!

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