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Who We Are

For at least the last two decades our Kindred has consciously placed the love and work of All Our Relations in the sacred space of the Medicine Wheel. 


As the founder and North Star of the Kindred, Gogo (Grandmother) Sangoma  holds the eagle's view of all Kindred Relations. Guided by great Elders and Ancestors, the North Star of this wheel tends well the fires inside her Lighthouse. Given that the time of the Lone wolf has long been over, we have an Ocean of gratitude, the honor and privilege of Truly being anchored by our Beloved Earth Mama, Tracy Deese!


The visions of the North simply have nowhere to land without the Logistical gifts that are held so well by our South of the Wheel. Where the Northern gaze dwells much in the Starry Medicine Bowl, Earth Mama provides and supports all Kindred endeavors with detail, precision and skill. The captain of any ship is Blessed beyond measure by the power and resolve of the first mate!


As the North /South axis has held and managed our service to alliances and communities too numerous to name for the last two decades plus, we are now abundantly Blessed to have the support of a strong East / West axis. How does the word get out and where, when is the next celebration?


Respectively, Stephine Feral has recently come into the Lighthouse of the East, that all the lost ships passing may find "that which they are seeking is seeking them". The resurrection of the Kindred Courier  newsletter, Kindred of Sangoma Youtube Channel, Black Moon Spiral videos, the long awaited books from Spiritspeaks Publications, all have their dawn and rebirth because our Eastgate has eyes on that can bring great gifts into the Beloved Kindred.


Moving up from the mentorship of Crowns and apprenticeship to the Kindred, Anunaku, 1st Crown and Mother of Sky Above, Anunaku's Body Adornments is sitting in the West of most Kindred events and celebrations. When we plan, the Goddess laughs and Anunaku makes it happen! The Westgate carries the gift of inclusion and acknowledgement of Dreams and what it takes to make them come true. In order to honor every other direction of the wheel, this sister's eyes carefully scan what's in place and what is still missing. Simply stated, to every sunrise there is a sunset. The power of the West takes just another occasion to the Full effect!


So, just as the Medicine Wheel has historically balanced the dance of the four Clan Chiefs, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, we anchor the Kindred Wheel with prayers for those called to step into the apprenticeship and support positions of the crossquarters. If you want to know more about How to integrate this ancient tool into your business, community, family, or personal wellBEing...

Medicine Wheels, Shields, and other tools of Sacred Navigation are shared regularly in the woods and online through the Mystic School of Alchemy. 


Don't be a stranger!

Sangoma Oludoye

Sangoma Oludoye


Earthmama Tracy





Stephine Feral




Anunaku Tiyoweh-Osceola

Anunaku Tiyoweh-Osceola


What We Do

⦁    Wise Women Traditions
⦁    Tea Ceremonies: Teachings from our Herbal allies.
⦁    Maiden to Woman, Princess to Queen...rites of Passage Ceremonies
⦁    Clan Mother Storytelling Teachings
⦁    Ceremony of Masks, Changing Woman

Sacred Activism 5.0
⦁    Tending Our Spiritual Gardens
⦁    Keeping the Ceremony in Our Everyday Lives
⦁    Adventures and Explorations in Nature, Culture, & Spirit

Ancestral Healing & Veneration
⦁    Living in the Caul - The Sacred Navigation of Lightworkers
⦁    Medicine Wheels, Shields & other Tools of Sacred Activation
⦁    Lighthouses: The Embodiment of Nature's Superpowers

Social Justice/Equity
⦁    Crossing the Lines: Dismantling Racism  & White Supremacy Culture
⦁    What Color is Your Soul?
⦁    Roadmaps for Bridgebuilding, Peacemaking

Traditional Yoruba Priest of Ancestors and Orisha
⦁    Yoruba Songcircles and Storytelling


What We Do
Black Moon Spiral

Spiritspeaks Publications

Spiritspeaks Publications is the living legacy in evolution that fills the Kindred storehouse with our stories of the Beloveds.

Coming Soon: 

Gogo Sangoma's Book of Wisdom, Tall Tales, & Wild Adventures 


Our Adventures in South Africa - Photo Journal Series

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