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Kindred Membership

The Evolutions of this Season finds us strengthening the ropes of our Relationships. It deeply Blesses my heart to step into, fully realize, and honor the Ancestral Covenants & agreements of all our Relations. As the structuring of the Kindred nonprofit status is secured into the Winter, we are holding a strong intention to make REAL Kindred membership in ways that better serve the whole!

Your annual, quarterly, or monthly donations to the Kindred support the foundations, stability, and passage to the seven generations, these are the Legacies we Build & Cocreate together. 

The establishment of ancillary residence in Blossom Dell Sanctuary in Bloomingburg NY. This is the home of the Permajamfam. and the site of the Wild Darling pilot shoot. These 125 acres of breathtaking beauty in standing and stone peoples welcome us to Moonlodge, Ceremony of inipi, Permaculture certification and Sacred Activism in wisdom intensives for our Kindred in the Northeast. Over 200 medicinal plants are growing in this Sanctuary.

Ile Oludoye, Anago district, abule Oyotunji African Village, Sheldon, SC

This family compound works to sustain the Honoring of agreements in BEginnings and endings.

Victor-Victoria, the RV that was so generously gifted to us through ancestral clan covenants,

is in need of her winter Bamboo shelter, an outdoor community kitchen, and LIVEwam room additions. Barron Brown has offered to share his powerful skillset on a homesteading weekend this fall. The structural stability of this compound secures community campouts and gatherings during the epic celebration of Oyotunji's 50th year as North America's Oldest, Authentic African village.

KOS membership has very graciously supported our journey thus far and now manifests a temple space (where someday our physical robes will lay.)

This is where our children and their children will come to celebrate our family tradition of Egungun. Our Kindred are welcomed here as our Extended family.

Last, but not least is the manifestation of Victoria's Garden Retreat in the North Carolina mountains. This sacred refuge holds a strong intention in Legacy Building to house:

  • The Season of the Raven Mystic School of Alchemy

  • The Queen of the Nile Day Spa

  • Mamaloja's Trading Post and Art Gallery

  • Spiritspeaks Publications 

  • Black Moon Spiral Productions 

Your donations to the Kindred supports the stability of ground sanctuaries as well as online programs & teachings. We give thanks and the highest gratitude for our years of service on the road to different tribes. We are indeed Blessed and highly favored to have such Rich and Full Love of Kindred Bonds. Here's to More Adventures and Explorations BEtween Nature, Culture and Spirit.

In the generous & equal exchange KOS members have a full menu of choices, benefits, discounts & grand opportunities!

$300 for the year gets you:

  • 3 complimentary divination & coaching hour sessions

  • Complimentary storytelling CD

  • 25% discount in Mamaloja's Trading Post & Art Gallery

  • 50% discount on Season of the Raven Mystic School of Alchemy enrollment by 


$120 for one quarter gets you: 

  • 2 Complimentary divination

  • Complimentary storytelling CD

  • 40% discount on 2019 enrollment to Season of the Raven Mystic School of Alchemy


$60 for one month gets you:

  • 1 complimentary divination for releasing Ancestral Trauma, recalibrating focus and balance and accessing better navigational tools for our inner GPS.