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Weaving the Web

Kindred Membership

Weaving the web of collective destiny

The Evolutions sweeping our Earth and Global family toward the entrance into the Aquarian Age is Not for the faint of Heart. It requires a deep dive to the residuals of Resistance blocking our ability and or bandwidth to Embrace "detachment" as 2021 rolls in.


More than ever, it STILL Blesses my heart  to step into, fully realize and honor the Ancestral Covenants and agreements of All our Relations.


The close of the Piscean Age in the fierce reflection of the rollercoaster of 2020, gave us not only Pause...

Deep Dive reflections into the False Evidence of things Appearing Real???


The Truth always surfaces to the top!

The concept of membership in Kindred terms seemingly now is outdated. The way we choose to support and exchange our gifts and what remains.


Your annual, quarterly or monthly donations to the Kindred has quite literally SERVED over a hundred plates this year. The buffet table continues to grow exponentially! The Lighthouses that we are building alliances with all need extra generator power to really bring effectual change to the good of the Whole. Many of us now Know, that in this great awakening the time of the Lone Wolf is over! We are no longer "hell Bent" on calling all the shots or doing the work of the whole team!

While we may be pregnant with twins or even triplets...we nurture and tend through the winter cave, a healthy birth or rebirth in the Spring.


That being said, we indeed have a joyful heart, to be called into the service of the ancestors of the Freedom, Ga. initiative, near Toomsboro, Ga. 500 acres of the past due conversations around reparations, 19 families of color find themselves in the awesome tasks of nation building the next Black Wall Street.. in the Heart of Georgia. With a Lodge for inipi ceremony already built, plans are underway for moving the compound of our Rv from Oyotunji to Freedom, Ga. This seemed like a bigger decision for us than the Ancestors..until this question was asked? What are our sustainable investments in our Living Legacies of our great grandchildren's tomorrows?


A year into the Wild Darlings: A Song of Freedom Film project...our Kickstarter fundraising campaign is set to Launch for January/February 2021. As matriarch of the Healing Arts Collective, we have been humbled by the transformation and growth in each of the lives of our cast member "Darlings". Your donations have made possible everything from altar tending to the production of video submissions for grants!


Victoria's Secret Garden Sanctuary somewhere around Shining Rock or the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina

is Still a vision for our mountain retreat and Home of :

- The Mystic School of Alchemy (virtual and in person teachings, ceremonies and rituals)

- Queens of the Nile Day Spa. (the business alliances that secure entrepreneurial opportunities for healing services to be a choice of livelihoods for family, blood related or not )

- Mamaloja's Trading Post & Art Gallery (2 locations, Toomsboro and Victoria's Mountain Retreat )

- Black Moon Spiral video productions (camera, staff and technical support necessary to the upkeep of our YouTube channel)

- Spiritspeaks Publications, next book release for this holy day season...Grandmother Sangoma's Book of Wisdom, Tall Tales and Wild Adventures.


All of these departments of the Kindred of Sangoma have their new year's visions and which your prayers, financial support, time, energy and resources will help complete missions we all say are important to us.


Are your donations well spent...? Beyond your wildest imagination, we make a way out of no way for communities from Maine to Miami...and shall continue to do so until the mission is complete or we give out of Breath...


And so it, that you and your Kinship, Alliance, partnership, collaborations mean the world to us. Thankyou!

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