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Weaving the Web
Kindred Membership

The Beloved Kindred Knows Births, Deaths, Rebirths and Everything in between. 


The Great thing about our membership is that it LIVES BEyond time, numbers and even dollars! Kindred membership is a place in you that hears our calling to BElong. Our Community offers the opportunity to grow into something greater than ourselves! We extend the invitation to join us in our Explorations into Nature Culture and Spirit! As we learn to better support ourselves and each other, we give rise to the laws of attraction, allowing, reciprocity and so much more...


We came for these times, how will we spend it???

Membership Investments

GOLD: $300 annually offers

  • 50% discount to all Kindred Events (Crowns of Isis, MSA registrations)

  • 35% discount on all services and purchases at Mama Loja's Trading Post

  • 20% discount on Custom designed Apprenticeships

SILVER: $75 per quarter offers

  • 35% discount to all Kindred Events 

  • 35% discount on Mama Loja's Trading Post purchases

For those without the financial resources, a Good Trade Membership is available:

 - Website & Youtube Subscribers Exchange

 - Sweat Equity Traders

 - Skills Equity Traders

Contact Iya to make arrangements.

Weaving the web of collective destiny
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