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Truthtellers Tarot Testimonials

As we are transitioning through the second round of preorders toward an early August delivery, we are inviting each of you to read these shared "testimonies". 

The beautiful experience of their accuracy and Candor, has revealed more wisdom and guidance on the medicine wheel, which is crucial to our navigation these days!

There's no denying the forces of dark deceptions swirling as the Tower continues to Fall. 

We are very much looking forward to the infinite ways we are empowered to support and strengthen the co-creation of Earth and all our relations.

The Truthtellers Tarot births
And rebirths the places in Sacred conversations 
Where the ancient illumination in our Souls
Brings Truthtelling to the stories of our lives.
From the Dreamtime in South Africa,

this offering to our Beloved Kindred is made Manifest…
Life and Death are in the power of the tongue!

These Truthtellers bring a clear assessment

of what is working or not in our SWOTs. 

Opportunities and 


The question at hand is through our SWOTS assessment. 

Where are you?

Are you well and magnetizing abundance such that

you are always in a generous, giving space

of paying your blessings forward?

Deepening our relationship with truth and candor

keeps the current flowing in our currencies, the willing exchange of energy

Sacred Navigation in the Forward Progression

depends upon and relies on the Truths we Walk and Talk! 


Tips on getting REALLY familiar with this Oracle...


All of the Major Arcana have their Move phases and the Keys of Infinity...

Each of the 4 Directions are found easily by their elemental symbol...Earth, water, fire and air

and the symbols from the gypsy tarot of playing cards.


Most inquiry for myself or others has been answered with one ONE Truthteller 

or perhaps a Clarifying card, depending on the depth of the question?

Some projects in working with larger groups rest for us in a three-card spread.

We allow the shuffling to drop us into the Fullness of energy in the people, places or things of our inquiry.

This allows us to receive the Truth with an open heart and embrace to Many possible viewpoints or "lens" that

BEcome our compass or the tool that deeply assists our Inner GPS.

Pre-order yours today…


"The Upgraded 10 commandments which goes deep beneath the dictates of " Thou shalt not" 

But take you into your own Truth and you in Truth ( the face of truth)

Decide your code of moral conduct without deception. Where the veils are thin  Truthtellers dissolves veils. A card daily. A card to discern, a spread and divination to bring big reveals and energy to support forward movement. Truthtellers is a sacred key of activation of illuminating and empowering the Higher self, the Divine Being, the Spirit Womb-man -
Ace of Diamond - Illumination of Lifetimes"

                               - H.G. Oribunmi Anunaku Osceola


     "Her Excellency, the Beloved Sovereign Witchy Starseed Mermaid Yoruban Priestess Sangoma Oludoye has created an amazing oracle, a Divinely channeled tool for which I am so grateful. I love the “Faces of Truthtellers” Oracle Deck and Divination Guidebook. They are a powerful tool for self-discovery and insight. I own many oracle decks, and this one goes to a deeper spiritual level, encouraging me to develop a closer relationship with the Sacred, and to approach the divination process with reverence and ritual. 
     The guidebook holds many gems of wisdom and includes a glossary of terms, so the reader can be clear about the author’s message.  Sangoma’s Truthtellers pose many questions for contemplation that evoke insights about how we are operating in the world, and what beliefs and perceptions are behind our actions.  I just pulled the card of the Truthteller ‘Gives Praise’, and one question that she poses is, “are we a blessing to others?” I am regularly impressed with the relevancy of the messages  received.
      Sangoma Oludoye has sourced and integrated wisdom from various mystical traditions including astrology, Native American, Yoruban, and Goddess in her work, and channeled the Truthteller deck through her connection to spirit and the ancestral realm. This beautiful deck demonstrates her unique understanding of the spiritual and mystical teachings of these traditions.
     The cards are vividly beautiful with compelling images of the Faces of Truthtellers and have a lovely silky feel when held. I find myself reaching for this deck frequently, asking “what is the truth I need to be reminded of?”, eager to discover what Face of the Truthtellers will be revealed.
                                                                                                                      Thank you Sangoma Oludoye!"

                                                                                       - Kris Drumm

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy_e
S1-Ready or Not.png

"WOW! This one-of-a-kind Truthtellers deck embodies lifetimes of adventure and ancient insight while allowing the mystery of your unique story to gracefully unfold. Sangoma you have masterfully laid out a deck that helps unseal destiny by shuffling infinite possibilities. I embrace the nowness of choosing Truthtellers cards and the newness that each reveals! Divine Intelligence at work!

Playfulness is the New Wellness"

 - Jahmie Ya Vompesseh Ka Blai
            Founding Member/Acoustic Sound                                                            Medicine Collective

S3-Mistaken My Kindness.png

"Over the past few years, I have been blessed with many opportunities to sit with Sangoma and learn from her vault of inner wisdom. When Sangoma finally birthed the Faces of the Truthtellers I was compelled to sit with this sacred technology and allow its wisdom to infuse me with new awarenesses, while also learning how this technology worked. 

This deck is the culmination of many esoteric lineages that stoke the inner flame of wisdom, grace, clarity, empowerment, and assisting in remembering your divinity. As a grief tender and mental health clinician, I utilize this deck to help individuals find their footing and remember their purpose. This deck is a powerful force in illuminating and activating the TRUTH!"

                                                            - H.G. Ifewunmi Lewis

S10-Double Sighted.png

"The truthtellers deck is such an inspiration in our, being because it pulls the unspoken question of our higher self. Ki OBATALA , In our weekly grounding and clarification ritual and rhythm. We appreciate the influence of Yeye Sangoma's hit the bulls eye channel of communication with our unseen guardians, protectors and angels. The truthtellers are direct in delivering the information in a right in your face kind of way. Gratitude,peace, Love and life."


                                            - Ifafunke Esuseeke Agboola

                                    Director of Tourism Oyotunji

In this Summer 2024 Season of Truthtelling,

we, like Diamonds....are  BEing tried into multi-faceted, multi-dimensional realities...


If you are increasingly more challenged in discerning the TRUTH from a Lie...

The Faces of Truthtellers is here to save the day:


Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons Breakers of Chains offers your beautiful Oracle /tarot in a handmade custom-designed medicine bag with divination (1 hr.) spiritual consultation.

This is for those seeking inspiration and motivation out of the fog.


Mutant, a chameleon and master of shapeshifting offers your oracle/tarot in a beautifully decorated gift bag and divination (30-minute) spiritual consultation...$80


Ready or not is the basic offer of the Faces of the Truthtellers Book and deck...$65


All packages include shipping costs within the US. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.


There is a Truthtellers corner, online to exchange the many ways this oracle is used, read, and interpreted for ourselves and others.


Deep Dive Mastering Divination TT planned for the Fall 2024,

stay tuned for dates and location!

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