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Truthtellers Tarot Campaign

What an honor to invite the Beloved Kindred 

Into this "Faces of Truthtellers" Campaign!!! 


"Forget your perfect offering

Just ring bells that you can Ring

There IS a crack in Everything

That’s how,
That’s how the light gets in!"

Song lyrics by Leonard Cohen

The Truthtellers Tarot births
And rebirths the places in Sacred conversations 
Where the ancient illumination in our Souls
Brings Truthtelling to the stories of our lives.
From the Dreamtime in South Africa,

this offering to our Beloved Kindred is made Manifest…
Life and Death are in the power of the tongue!

These Truthtellers bring a clear assessment

of what is working or not in our SWOTs. 

Opportunities and 


The question at hand is through our SWOTS assessment. 

Where are you?

Are you well and magnetizing abundance such that

you are always in a generous, giving space

of paying your blessings forward?

Deepening our relationship with truth and candor

keeps the current flowing in our currencies, the willing exchange of energy

Sacred Navigation in the Forward Progression

depends upon and relies on the Truths we Walk and Talk! 

Pre-order yours today…


Illumination of Lifetimes celebrates and offers our Kindred Members, Stakeholders, Visionaries, Lighthouses &  Prayer Warriors the Collector's Edition. Your $100 minimum exchange will receive:

  • 1 signed tarot deck, 

  • The corresponding book, 

  • 1 Divination, and 

  • A Personalized, Handmade Medicine Pouch

  • Includes Shipping

1-Illumination of Lifetimes.png
2-Your Grace.png

Your Grace brings the offer that recognizes those that "this is not your first time at the rodeo"! The State of Grace you strive to maintain in your Living requires not only the oracle, tarot...divination, and ceremony of entrada. Your $80 minimum exchange will receive:

  • 1 signed tarot deck, 

  • The corresponding book, 

  • 1 personalized Divination, and 

  • Includes Shipping

"To whom Much is given, much is required."

hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy_e
4-Weighs the Truth.png

Weighs the Truth negotiates most affordable and efficient, effective tool. For your $55 minimum exchange, you will receive:

⦁    1 Tarot deck
⦁    The corresponding book
⦁    Shipping Included


"Bringing us back to balance & Truth"

8-Matriarcal to the Bone.png

Matriarchs are BORN, not made. Like the gypsies of old, those that carry signs, symbols, and imagery of Earth-school Mysteries has at least half a chance putting all the puzzle pieces in place. Great gratitude to our "Sweat Equity; Boots on the Ground" Tribal Allies. For your $35 minimum exchange, you will receive:

  • 1 Tarot deck

  • Shipping Included

NOTE: The corresponding book will be provided in an easy-to-read pdf format on this website for your reference.
"Watch, pray, BE RESOLVE...create "Solutions".

Support Our Campaign

     Adupe for choosing to perpetuate the circle of reciprocity! Our Ancestors and I thank you for choosing to support our publishing campaign!
     Please speak the following prayer aloud then fill out all necessary information and make your contribution.
     Divine Love Flowing through me Blesses and multipliesAll that I am, All that I have, All that I give, And All that I receive, And So It Is!


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