2020 calendar

January 22-24, 2020 - Nature Connection Leadership Conference The Ashokan Center in Olivebridge, NY

February 6-9 - Florida Earthskills Gathering, O'Brien , Fla., Adventures in Nature, Culture, Spirit, Mamaloja Trading Post

February 15-16 Igbe ga Alade and Odun Olokun, Abule Oyotunji

February 26 - Solar Return for Sangoma! Wish her a Happy Birthday!

February 27-March 2 - Woodstock Wisdomkeepers Retreat, The Nest, Woodstock, NY. This transformative experience is designed with ceremonies and ritual for participants to embrace the evolutions toward answering three primary questions... Who are we? Are We Healing? What is the Healing Balm we are Most in need of?


February 29-March 1 - Odun Olokun Celebration mysterious Deity of the Deep Sea and protector of the African Soul

March 2 - Registration Opens for the Spring Quarter of the SOR School of Alchemy

Spring Equinox - Odun Oriate, Festival of the Warriors..Kindred Campout, abule Oyotunji, Sheldon, SC

April 1-5 - Piedmont Earthskills Gathering, Pittsboro, NC., Adventures in Nature, Culture, Spirit Mamaloja's Trading Post

April 20-26 - Earthskills Spring Rendevous, Avalon, Westminister, SC., More Adventures in Nature, Culture and Spirit, Mamaloja's Trading Post

May 1-3 Odun Oshun, abule Oyotunji, Art, Culture and Elegance usher in the Rebirth of Spring in the 50th year celebration for the village's Mother Orisha!!! Kindred Campout, Anago District