Season of  the Raven

Mystic School  of Alchemy

Springing Into Rebirth

MSA Spring Quarter 


Planning your work, and working your plan! Work is the cure for poverty.

Choose to co-create the alchemy of peaceful abundance.

What have we gathered from our winter caves?

What are our rituals for release, forgiveness, grief?

Composting the Dark side

Fertilizing the good seeds we have planted!

90 minute Temple time every Tuesday evening in March, 

Ise Aiye-Earthworks Weekend Campout

the spring equinox, abule Oyotunji March 19th-23rd



The Mystic School of Alchemy is seeking a mountain home and sacred geography...

"That which we are seeking IS seeking us!"

The coming evolutions of the Kindred of Sangoma having a Homebase

is a vision we asking ALL to offer prayers, visions, and meditation to support

its manifestation This year.

As the Queen's stagecoach slows down the roads of travel to BE present

to Legacy, business, and inheritance of our descendants,

we are pregnant toward the birth of

The Mystic School of Alchemy and Templespace

Mamaloja's Trading Post and Gardens

Queens of the Nile Day Spa Sanctuary

Offices of Spiritspeaks Publications 

Black Moon Spiral Video Productions


Note to Gridworkers and Gatekeepers: the strongest pull to our ancestral soul is below Shining Rock, Cold Mountain sacred to the Cherokee, Haywood County,

Maggie Valley, NC...location, Location, Location!