The Kindred of Sangoma is honored & humbled to announce

Akiyesi!  Akiyesi! Akiyesi!

The Grand Opening of 


The Adventures begin in Winter Quarter

Our Journey into Wholeness

Fall Equinox - September 2019 through January 10th, 2020

Those living in the Caul through the passage of 2019 to 2020 are called to recognize the many adventures & explorations between Nature, Culture & Spirit. We fully acknowledge our Roles in rebirthing and revolutionizing our Living Legacies in Earth School from the inside out.

This quarter's journey into greater Truth for mystics & alchemists are anchored by the Clan Mothers in the remaining lunations of the year 2019.

Graduating into "BEcomes Her Vision" Clan Mother as 2020 unfolds.

Here are some of the key explorations:

How are we preserving or recycling the waste and weeds of our environment?

How are we preparing for tomorrow in our actions today?

What is the appropriate, productive, or proper use of our will toward building bridges & legacies worthy of the Emerging Leadership of Tomorrow?

Adventures in Culture & Spirit:

Ceremony of Masks

Ceremony of the Moon Lodge, Inipi, and Visioning


Ordination of the Wounded Healer

Ceremony of Changing Woman

Ceremony of She Who Becomes Her Vision Graduation

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

The Now Time calls us to master tending the gardens & fires of our souls!

This passage includes:

- Online and in nature study

- Private mystic/alchemist What's App space for current conversations

- 1 hour weekly Temple Time for gratitude, sharing hearts, and intentions toward manifestation

- 3 retreat weekends entrance, middle, ordination

- Friday & Saturday evening meals, Sunday Mimosa brunch

- Songs of the Sisterhood Booklet

*complimentary divination, wisdom keeper coaching

A Journey into Wholeness classes begin

Fall Equinox, Sept.23, 2019.

Season of

the Raven

Mystic School

of Alchemy