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Gogo Sangoma Oludoye

Gogo, Sangoma, Iya , Iyanla, Iya Tobi, Your Grace, Your Excellency, Ore, Friend, Amiga, Spiritual Midwife, Ceremonialist, Artist, Mermaid, Starseed... Red Solar Muluc, 9th tone of the 20 Tribes of the Mayan Moons of Natural time.

Atokun: custodian of the Ancestors, first and foremost!

Wife, Mother (Iya) of three amazing daughters, Grandmother, (Iyanla) to a tribe of 13 and Iya Tobi to four great grands starlights!

Two decades plus one in the priesthood of the expansive energy of Jupiter...Obatala. A Sojourner moving toward the seat of Agbasanko, an elder with integrity. Peacemaker, Bridgebuilder and LightHouse are our watch words! Born in the caul, gifted with empathy, Sight and clairaudience. Queen of Clubs, Mother of Intuition, Wisdomkeeper, Seeker of Truth, Knowledge...a friend to the unknown and a stranger to none.


Earthmama Tracy Deese

The Kindred Mama Otun, left hand to the head in Egbe societies, in staff and leadership of the Kindred. Tracy's path of service covers a history of building multiple non-profits that help military veterans and special needs children, marketing, web consult & design, event organization for many Kindred, as well as host to Elder Gatherings on Humble Hill in the Asheville, NC area, and artist in her own right.


Stephine Feral

Born with the Energies of Half Male and Half Female, Stephine Feral boldly embodies the Spirit of Faerie Cat Warrior & Goddess of the Divine Creator while Tending to the Faerie Garden as a Bridge-eneer & Sacred Dancer. Magickal Admirer of Sticks, Stones, Feathers, and Bones, Time as a Third Year Nomad is Spent Foraging & Crafting Plant Medicines in the Forest and Championing for the Protection of Gaia & ALL Creatures, Great and Small.

Stephine is a Retired English Teacher, Reading Specialist, and ESL Instructor turned Freelance Editor and Writer. As a Proud Mama of 2 Adult Humans and 2 Rainbow Babies, and 'Mama to Many', Stephine is Anchoring in the East of the Kindred Wheel, embracing Communication as an Ally to ALL, amplifying voices and messages through Spreading the Wisdom of Elders.

#LovEvolutionary # MushroomBubbles #FromFeralToFarrell


Anunaku Tiyoweh-Osceola

Guardian, Honor of the Bones, wisdom keeper Nature Clan, Nation builder, Sawajehra, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Divine Inspiration and Agent of Transformation

Oribunmi Anunaku EON, mother of seven, lives in Gainesville, Florida. Born in New York City but spent much of her childhood in Pennsylvania and Virginia before relocating to Florida in 1992. She is a woman of many talents and spiritual inclinations and has been called a spiritual thought leader whose passion is creating the environment and tools to help individuals recognize the magnitude of their magnificence. A gift she says that anyone can access from within. She has prolific moments of imagination where she has created Sky Above Date Night and Dine, International, Sky Above Amphitheater Music International, Community and Recovery fire circles, Anunaku’s Body Adornments, and Creator of A Board Game for Recovery Groups & Couples, and so much more.

Oribunmi has created and organized inspirational and healing workshops for women and teenagers and opened her home to youth in addiction as she partnered with treatment centers in South Florida. Her passion is people and assisting them to evolve into their unique and best selves. She has a gift for uncovering the reason, motive, purpose, and the "why?". She is a teacher and Sacred keeper of Rites. Her laughter is contagious and her heart is full and expansive. She will cook a pot of food with bread and distribute it at a hangout for the homeless or feed the community. She is seldom not thinking about humanity and how she can impact and add growth. This process of becoming began with herself, she who heals knows it is not easy to become her vision but when you know, it is surely possible. She continues to evolve as a matriarch architect, Visionary and builder with her inner council, her Sisterhood council, family and within her community.

All is possible!

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