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My Beloved Kindred and Village Bridgebuilders…


She never had seen a firefly

And she was nearly nine!

Just fancy, tucking a child in bed

Before the Fireflies shine

Summer after Summer

Till one is nearly nine!

Now if she had missed the Faeries

You perhaps might understand,

For Faeries are quite exclusive–

A shy and timid band,

But Fireflies glow Like stardust

Over all the meadow land.

I wakened her from slumber

and led her down the hill,

The grass was wet with dewdrops

And everything was still,

When suddenly all through the Glen

We saw the darkness fill.

“Oh see, they’re at a party!”

Excitedly she spoke:

“I never dreamed that there could be

So many Firefly Folk.

It’s like the sky turned upside down–

And can’t you smell the smoke!”