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My Beloved Kindred and Village Bridgebuilders…


She never had seen a firefly

And she was nearly nine!

Just fancy, tucking a child in bed

Before the Fireflies shine

Summer after Summer

Till one is nearly nine!

Now if she had missed the Faeries

You perhaps might understand,

For Faeries are quite exclusive–

A shy and timid band,

But Fireflies glow Like stardust

Over all the meadow land.

I wakened her from slumber

and led her down the hill,

The grass was wet with dewdrops

And everything was still,

When suddenly all through the Glen

We saw the darkness fill.

“Oh see, they’re at a party!”

Excitedly she spoke:

“I never dreamed that there could be

So many Firefly Folk.

It’s like the sky turned upside down–

And can’t you smell the smoke!”

What would you give to be nearly nine

And to fare abroad some night

Into a world of magic

Lit by firefly Light,

Wouldn’t you forfeit your grown up world

For that thrill of sheer delight?

by Kenneth B. Webb

Just the other day on the road to the Vermont Art of Mentoring I heard the voice of an acquaintance say “Remember that the village…is a map of Relations…not a place!”

This struck a chord deep in the Soul of our prayers for the upcoming 4 Tribes 4 Peace Fall Festival. The vision for this event was conceived in this humble idea. For many that witness and continue to be a bit amazed at our travel into many tribes, relations and Kindred camps gives birth to the vision of co-creating the Enchanted Encampment of Unity through Diversity.

While many are “interested” in the call…few are chosen to the Collective Destiny of embodying Peace in our World…NOW. Recognizing that the harvest is plenty and the workers are few…WE are humbly asking each of you to consider your place in the missions ahead. Winter IS coming!

Those of us called to be the movers, shakers and co-creators of a more beautiful world than our current headlines reflect, will make A way out of no way to come together, joining hearts and hands to be the Bridgebuilders for all the villages of tomorrow…and unto the next seven generations! Those of us swimming in the abyss of sacriffices from 7 generations before us… are COMPELLED by a spiritual force we cannot resist to continue to Stand strong and equal to the task.

Now that the Earlybird registration is closed and repeated attempts have been made to give away FREE registrations, we shall TRULY witness those that stand ready to LiVE their Dream..our Dream.

While promotions will continue to inform you of the gifted, skilled, intuitive and powerful presenters, performers, activists, healers and custodians of indigenous cultures coming forward…little has been said of the deeper cohesive tools of transformation being offered. As many are lost in the illusions of the matrix reality filled with fear and confusion…the awakened are shifting into positions of Grace and Leadership.

We recognize that the upgrades required for more personal evolution are now rewiring our ability to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves. Nature forges Authenticity… Strength within IS strength without. This is the GOOD message and medicine of and for the people that will serve us all through some very challenging transitions in/on Mother Earth in the coming days. Why 4 Tribes 4 Peace and Why now??? Culture is connection and connection is Kindred. In order to have great ALLIES…we must first learn to be ONE!

The Mission; should you choose to accept it,

is to meet many of our Kindred, old friends and new at the intersection of Cultural Restoration and Redesign. If indeed we are the change-makers and the ONES we have been waiting for…Wait no longer! Step on board the Underground Railroad to the better world we know and believe is possible. We must unpack the old baggage of hurt, pain, hate and woundedness. We should consider with candor repacking what we really need and desire for traveling the roads and days ahead.

The opportunity to step into Nature, Love, Peace and Kindred is at hand! As we arrive at the West Gate of the Fall Equinox, you are invited to remember, reconnect and CELEBRATE Unity through Diversity. To tell you that you will see, feel and experience a Truth you you have never known, may sound like a pitch! Move Forward in Curiosity and Love the Rewards are Infinite.

Your place at the table awaits you!

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