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Fully Awake, Living each day as if….

These words of wisdom from my maternal Grandmother continue to guide my footsteps through these Turbulent and transitional times. Amazing that this advice was offered to me before I became a student in the school of life and have become the basis of TRUTH that sets me Free from here to my last breath…!

It is the perspective that neither the “sickest nor the oldest” are the closest to the grave. Now sad to say…Don’t we know how TRUE this is!

Far beyond the notion that where we Are… is greater than where we are Going? the idea of Rebirthing into the next dimension serves as inspiration to GET the Lessons while consciously Evolving amidst the pain and suffering in this world. To that end….we are offering the 4 Tribes 4 Peace Fall Festival on the Equinox in Cherokee Farms, Lafayette, Ga.

While we have resisted this mission in our destiny for at least the last two decades, the season has come where we must embrace the FULLY Awakened state of reality and continue to Grow Love, Give Love…open to more Love and avoid the land of denial, diluted truth…straight out deception, illusion or just our version of the Truth.

As we are now about TWO Moons away from the opening of this event…it seems imperative to sharpen the colors and details of this movement beyond… Do YOU want to come? pay online? or pay at the Gate???

When we Choose to Live more Awake and conscious each day, with NO assumption that tomorrow is promised to us, we adjust our Standards, codes of conduct and the power of sustainable choices, rather than instant gratification. We recognize that to “whom much is given, much is required”. In each moment we have an ocean of gratitude for the MUCH in our life and destiny path. To be blessed with Kindred that can not only SEE, but embrace the vision and consider it NOT robbery to lend their time, energy and skills to the mission is something we never take for granted. It is from this core TRUTH that our Tribal Alliance was born, our worktrade and vendors agreements have their life’s breath!

The 4 Tribes 4 Peace Tribal Alliance is an effort for EVERYone to have the VIP status if they choose! This alliance speaks to groups and organizations that benefit not only from being present but more importantly , stand to benefit by NETWORKing , building Stronger ropes of relationship and Kindred with those that were unaware of their existence or missions apart from placing an ad in our commemorative booklet ! Recent promotions have recommended collaborations between friends, groups or Kindred that want 2 things…. 1. To be a PRESENCE in the the movement of Unity through Diversity… 2. That want to be acknowledged by Kindred and the collective community for bringing something to the table of that movement!

For those looking for the MOST economical way to attend…it doesn’t get any better than OUR Earlybird registration right now. This is as LOW as the reductions in gate prices will go, unless YOU are saavy enough to WIN free access passes by posting comments to the 4T4P video offerings from our sangomakindred You Tube channel! What could be better than Free?

Recently, we were able to customize a Tribal Alliance membership to fit the needs of one of our Kindred in Tennessee…that was attracted to the 50% savings on the Yellow feather membership until the end of July! We would LOVE more than ever to make that TRUE for ALL of the 60+ persons that have the intention of going…as well as many of the now 500+ persons interested in going?

Fact is…you can LEAD a horse to water but you cannot make them drink? By the end of July and August…when these bottom basement prices no longer exist…we will remain dedicated to the level of integrity that honors the agreements that we have made to performers, presenters and our ANCESTORS! Therefore, as registration for the event increases as of Labor…it won’t be as much about making $$$ as it it always about our Word is our Bond!!!!

We have encouraged those that seek clarity on How to get the most bang for their buck, a customized package, or the deepest experience possible…to write to us at the website or either of the Fb communities!

Opportunity Knocks…and Living each day to the Fullest is best achieved by taking advantage of Every opportunity to fulfill more of our destiny today than we did yesterday!

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