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And now the odds ARE ever in your favor!

As 2015 rushes toward the history books…What do you remember the most about the tools of empowerment that you have gained from this year? What are your goals, intentions, hopes, dreams and resolutions moving forward? Have you truly stepped into your role as an agent of the conscious evolution? What gifts do you have to share and who will you share them with?

This has been an incredible year of expansion, travel and connection within and without the Kindred. We have made powerful connections with new friends, kindred and deepened, strengthened the ropes of relationship with the old. The growth of seeds planted at the beginning of this year has been in a word…exponential!

The stage for 2016 is set and just before the cutain rises, we give thanks for the many Truths that have been revealed…the good, bad and the ugly. Yes, the world around us is in a great storm of awakening! And yet as some struggle to wipe the sleep from their eyes, their legs are still wobbling trying to find solid ground on which to stand fully in their power. When was the last time you stood fully Empowered…how did your body feel, what is the truth of your purpose on the planet? Many we have met at the intersection of our collective destiny are still searching for the answers to these and many more questions. The elusiveness of the tools they require to take the appropriate action is very overwhelming. The faith and confidence needed to move from what you believe to what you know is not always a clear choice. And Believe THIS…choice is now the heavyweight game changer.

Every change requires us to choose. As we make peace with all that has transpired in 2015…and in most lives, its more than our minds can get around on any day. Nevertheless, the ancestors and future generations that we work with and for lead, direct and guide us gently forward. Our website is up…deep gratitude to Earth Mama, Tracy Renee, a powerhouse of technical know how. Not one but two blog radio shows launching in the new year, the Launch of Black Moon Spiral video productions and Mamaloja’s Trading Post. Long days and nights of visioning, listening and being faithful to the mission of this destiny has its rewards. Now more than ever, we have solid ground to stand full empowered moving forward.

Good Health leads to wealth…brings wisdom and plenty to share. For the woman from the wheelchair, securing our health has come fully into place. You will be hearing MORE from us on the advantages of the Life Vantage opportunities to live Life at the top of your game. The old ones told us “without your health, you are of no service or good to anyone, least of all yourself”. The challenges of maintaining a strong body, sharp/ alert mind and open heart are now by far…a MUST have for those of us that choose to affect change. We ARE only as strong as our weakest link. Where is your weakest link? Depression, addiction, fatigue, mental confusion, soul distress…or just the absence of inspiration, motivation…resolve? Isn’t that what the New Year’s resolutions are all about. Talk is cheap. It is our deeds that graduate us to heaven or the next spiritual realm…not our words.

We invite you to become a passionate, active part of the Kindred. It is so important now to really KNOW who are your Kindred, your next of Kin not always bound by blood. Where the rubber meets the road, we CHOOSE our Kindred at the soul connection. A lack of money, health or resources can no longer be your excuse. In this new year we are sharing powerful tools and information literally at your fingertips! The choice is yours…do you choose to be your own physician/healer? Are you really the ONE out of every seven women that CHOOSES to live in poverty or poverty consciousness NO longer? What can you really offer those you love besides a shoulder to cry on.

The Odds ARE ever in your favor …if you make the choices that you came to make! Not someone else’s or those that are leftover from someone else’s Dreams. Push off from the fear of clutching to the riverbank of someone else’s reality. Swim out to the middle, meet the souls you made covenants with before you entered your mother’s womb. You entered into a script already written before you descended the birth canal. The future belongs to those…who KNOW where they belong.

Aho, Namaste, amen and ASE!

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