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Wish Upon Your Star!

” When we wish upon a Star…our Dreams can take us very Far….”

In the land of enchantment that the songs, lyrics and Truth of Earth, Wind and Fire , the band and the elements, can take me to or remind me of the SHINE of “my #1 STAR player” as Katt Williams would say…I AM at home, I AM at Peace.

Welcome to the Power of 9. Nine Faces of Oya, the Mother of Wind, storms, hurricanes, cyclones, the ancestors, change…”she who eats the tops of the Tree people.” The vibration of completion is a huge process of slow digestion. It’s all about how we engage or embrace change. Whether it's Change that we Know is coming or the unexpected changes that Life has as our special bonuses for not giving up or throwing in the towel, Pony up…”there’s no hiding place down here”.

As one year ends, the vibration of expansion in the infinity of 8 (2015) and this one began, surely we all have our own dance with transformation. The candid review of what IS still functional and very much worth holding onto…and what no longer serves the highest of our good / destiny either supports or hinders the mission. As our wise Iyalosha Tobi said about her reading of the year…”You either continue to be part of the problem…or you step wholeheartedly into the solution.” Whether you moved through the seven principles of Kwanzaa or are stilling reeling from Christmas “shopping”, you have either reached that Peace that passes all understanding or your soul is still in search mode for the clarity and certainty about walking our Talk as authentically as we know how.

The Clan Mother of this first moon cycle, Talks with Relations, is the Keeper of Learning the Truth. Life and wisdom teaches us that this is better assimilated into our everyday ceremony/rituals, practical application through finding Kinship with all our Relations. We are truly taught along with this clan mother, the lessons we are most in need of about Kinship from the four Winds of Change, the Cloud people, the Thunder beings, the stone people, winged ones, crawlers and ALL our relations…two legged, four legged, amphibian. To learn the Truth…our time of awakening and conscious evolution drives us to open ourselves into “worlds within worlds”.

Kinship, and the power of Kindred speaks to our committment to building and maintaining right relationship with the Creative Force/Source/Divinity, with the Self in all 7 of our bodies, family, friends, worthy opponents and ALL our relations in every part of the natural world.

The color orange is the medicine that protects the Kinship of all Life because it is the color of the Eternal Flame of Love. As we open our hearts to truly see the beauty of our gifts and honor the talents in our exchange …we move toward the More Beautiful World we Know is possible.

As we wane to the New Moon in Aquarius we are encouraged to Relax and keep emotional expectations light. Check in with community, build and strengthen alliances. As this year unfolds and political dramas continue to swirl, do not neglect the power of your own Sacred Space …within and without. The one constant in life IS change…good to remember whatever we resist..persists. “Haste makes waste” takes on new meaning in 2016. In a world where most heads in MOST rooms are bent into a machine and whatever level of illusion is being served in the moment…Time with Nature is our True saving grace. Time spent in deep meditation or sacred song, prayer around a campfire…is still TIME well spent.


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