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Lighthouse Shine

We humbly ask for alignment between our Heavenly head and earthly head, that we may bypass the entanglements, confusion…Fear of others. We give thanks that any and all obstructions to our Divine Destiny are moved with Grace and Ease. We are grateful for this beautiful body temple in which the glory and fire of our Souls move…!

We remain vigilant and Dauntless, our forward progression is humble, true, constant and persistent. The Wisdomkeepers of good character and integrity challenge me daily, lifting my awareness as to How I AM Showing up for myself and others? In the Evenings before rest and our descent into the Dreamtime, we reflect upon what has truly captured our Attention, focus …energy that day?? Where is FEAR hanging out? How Sure are we as to the False Evidence of things Appearing Real???

We create 100% of our reality, Any portion, percentage of that we let go of…allow to be distracted or given away…Fills the void or empty space with the shadows of doubt which usually catches the fast train to Fear.

Amplifying the Light in our Lighthouses Requires Exquisite Listening, Third Eye Activation and tending the fires and gardens of our Soul. If these questions and discussions resonate with your Rebirth into Spring 2020…?

You may meet us at the intersection of Destiny in the Mystic School of Alchemy.

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