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At This point…Life is Urging you to BE real!

Life is urging you to become more REAL! rather than the safe and dull routine it has degenerated to.

A time to break up old patterns.

How Much energy is drained from you resisting change? What changes MUST be made to avoid rigidness? discipline? order and responsibility…the ability to respond. Many are wounded because of the expectation of another to “step into and experience” their woundeness? Take it on to be a part of your own…now you co depend and become co responsible to….? for what???

Absolute clarity will lead to under/OVER standing your Truth… and boundaries of what freedoms you have??? and those where the lines blur? the rights and beliefs you thought you had and is it worth dying for?

Learn and respect your limitations as tools for managing your life.

While in the season of the methodical and thorough…

you ARE NOT satisfied with the status quo? whatever you hear going by??? However, the winds of change are blowing?…like whispers in your soul.

Seek out ways to constructively CREATE change…? Toward a very definite course of action to achieve what you want…? Oh, by the way…do you know what you want…?

“Careful what you ask for ” the old ones told me.

Excellent time for studying…what do you NEED to Study? Prayers? motivation?…why science works in Earth? …how science IS Other Worldly…? how you can be too…?

the Art of Shapeshifting…what may seem difficukt might have a high success for turning out practical….of value and use.

Good time for learning ways to advance your profession…what you do to sustain the balance of living.

Move toward greater power and authority in your OWN life…shift your focus from saving the world.

Are you afraid of standing in your own power? When was the last time you stood fully in it?

FULLY>>>IN IT? Recognize your potential is enormous, what would have at any other time been difficult to accomplish…

now MOVES with Grace and Ease….new and rewarding experiences? Coming into a good time of Health and wellbeing! excellent time for all financial matters…Make an effort to excercise and BE outdoors. Make your surroundings more elegant…HEART Open for inner growth>Crown on to stand tall!

Clarity of intention brings your actions to a sense of duty… you begin to recognize your RespinSibility to the World around you…give thanks!

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