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Crowns Of Isis 2022 Launch!

As 2021 rolls into the ethers, the most extraordinary compilation of our life's work swung open a gate of opportunity!

Recently, we were sort of "Flung" into a deep reflection of our resistance to "girls clubs, college sororities, etc. The deep ancestral trauma, pain, rage in "Black women" in particular, and the negative darkness that is hard, challenging for this

mermaid to stand in the presence of .

If there is one Life lesson Pisces have in common, its to come into our personal resolve and not give into our tendency toward escapism. Sure as the Sun does shine, its the power of this lesson that earns us the RITE to share important passages with others. This IS the work of a spiritual midwife! In order to give away the power of any life change, we must embody it enough to be in possession of the potency.

As 2022 rolls in the Kindred of Sangoma has an ocean of gratitude for a bounty of gifts:

*Step by Step Ministry Hope Project as our fiscal sponsor and fertile soil from which to launch the

Crowns of Isis pilot project.

*We look forward to More New Memberships like Wild Earth through our BIPOC work in the Nature Connection Network that are Blessed in Building Alliance with the mission of the Kindred.

* The Resurrection of the Kindred Courier newsletter makes a welcome returned to centralizing a way to share a vast library of information and Kindred Updates with the mailing list of website and YouTube Channel subscribers.


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