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Winter is Coming…what SEEDs does the Earth germinate for you?

As the masks of the All Souls Weekend are removed…feel the shift within!! We have in the last 24 hours lingered where the veils are thinnest, with very little movement and even less talk…

These Tools are essential for deep listening in the Soul!

We are grateful for all of the Kindred connections we have been BLESSED with in this lifetime and the re connection with new faces but old souls from other lifetimes in the past tens months. It’s been a roller coaster ride where the seatbuckles required double fasteners. We have honored the Candor and Dauntlessness in ourselves and others. These experiences were very necessary fertilizer for the seeds planted and now germinating into the Earth and next cycle of Destiny.

The Season of Oya, the shedding of skins…the falling of leaves and the beauty of their death/ rebirth has brought us to some astounding Truths of where we are going next! We have come upon the Season of the Raven….the time of ceremonial magic. As our 9 nine year slowly ebbs into memories and the ONE of new beginnings evolves in the groundswell….we have become vigilant in tending our garden of destiny. This may, and in fact, has been painful and unpleasant, however REQUIRED to clear space for the power of our elevation and next placement on the horizon. We have strived to walk, play and love in ways that Lead out Loud! We have noticed in recent months where the weeds were growing. They have been “uprooted”, recycled to the compost pile for the good of another. We have recycled most of the broken tools that will no longer serve the soil or new growth. We are so very THANKFUL for the rains of Purification that keep washing away the hurt, pains and wounds of the old paradigm.

In the flower beds of all my Relations, a fair and mutual exchange of abundant value…or lack thereof, has HIGHlighted the one way streets we frequented. My ancestors and galiant navigators of this amazing destiny have redirected our course. The webs we weave are now filled with community activists, souls committed to action …rather than empty words that feed the ego or sense of Self. Women running with the wolves/teachers NOW….MUST know where their gardens are Growing, whose tending the home fires….what Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities or Threats must be addressed in order to return to unity and simplicity.

My heavenly Mothers and Fathers remind me…sometimes Louder rather than humbly, that we are here to build bridges, secure foundations and provoke new and innovative architecture…at the SOUL level. Everybody is NOT necessarily Down with that and not because they don’t want to be, but the absence of REAL, authentic awareness and connection to the collective vision may …in most cases be problematic. This gives rise to those that not only spout their needs, but absorb lots of energy from those they encounter by every means necessary. The Give and Take is terribly out of wack.

So we have read the “Story of Masks” most every where we have traveled in the last six months…to numerous campfires and tribes….to give a review of the angry/ugly masks…the “people pleaser” masks…that Starhawk has so magnificently presented in her book “Truth or Dare”! Some of us have been expecting THIS season for many moons and give thanks at its arrival. Some, still deep in slumber, not even “stirring” to wake up …still cling to the shores of convenience, safety, security…?

The Blankets of their warm and cozy world are woven from the lies they continue to feed upon for their selves and others???? For these late bloomers we have a heart full of compassion and deep respect for the process that allows them to EVOLVE more slowly and cautiously. However, we are warned not to try to pull the deceived up… from the holes they have dug for themselves. We are ready, willing and remain able to “pour” IN the courage they need to Pull themselves up from the depths of despair, confusion…grief and sorrow. However, these are the choices we must EACH make…Choices for Chanps…not chumps still applies…

The most productive use of our time and energy remains in the invitation to you my Beloved Kindred that are Awakened…AWAKENING and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes!!! As we move into the Cave of the Bear for introspection, crafting and spiritual study….we welcome you to the Season of the Raven.. we invite you to step forward into the Sacred space of a conference call in the Waxing of the Full moon this month and continue into the birth of Spring.

We greatly anticipate our communion with all that recognize the mission up ahead and are preparing their wisdom, tools and courage to face it!!! Through weekly checkin calls, lots of one of one guidance/ divination, reading lists, ritual, ceremony and much more…. we adjust the GPS of our birth maps TO grow in clarity, determination and RESOLVE for a more harmoious and sustainable future.

In plain talk…if you are assured that you are making good on whatever you stated to your Creator as being your Purpose in the Earth at this time…Pray for us, stay connected and Holla back….! If there is doubt/ uncertainty as to what your intent was before entering your mother’s womb, perhaps a detour or two from the original map or you have no clue as to your current location and its connection to the BIG picture….? The Kindred welcomes you into the study, revelations and evolution of this season!

What is your mission? What must you complete before rebirth into the next world we just celebrated??? THIS is NOT the time to be clueless of where you started, your current location and where you have yet to travel….For it is indeed the journey not the destination that supports the Legacy the you will leave behind. Although our ancestors have given their enthusiasm and support for the “4 TRIBES 4 PEACE Gathering in 2016, they have also warned that the Fat Lady won’t be finished with the chorus until we have heard the reading of the year of January 1st…?

While we ARE all feeling shifts, large and small…does not that “small voice within the secret dwelling place of the MOst High” tell you that that we have not hardly perceived the exact vibration and frequency of 2016 and how equipped OR not…we are to ride the tides and immense waves of energy not only on this planet throughout the movements of all the celestial bodies in the Starry Medicine Bowl?

We ALL have gifts to share….don’t keep trippin, fallin…stumbling over a lack of knowledge or vision in the practical application of these Divine Tools…get connected…stay connected…!

Keep it Real, stay Humble…

Peace in Our Time!

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