March 10, 2020

We humbly ask for alignment between our Heavenly head and earthly head, that we may bypass the entanglements, confusion…Fear of others. We give thanks that any and all obstructions to our Divine Destiny are moved with Grace and Ease. We are grateful for this beautiful...

July 13, 2019

The earth, the water , the fire, the Air

Return, return...return

In consideration of the Avatars that move Destiny and Divinity through this passage in the Earth School...We rise in the Oneness of Collective thought and BEING...

from the Air that is our Breath

the waters a...

August 31, 2016


She never had seen a firefly

And she was nearly nine!

Just fancy, tucking a child in bed

Before the Fireflies shine

Summer after Summer

Till one is nearly nine!

Now if she had missed the Faeries

You perhaps might understand,

For Faeries are quite exclusive–

A shy and t...

July 21, 2016

These words of wisdom from my maternal Grandmother continue to guide my footsteps through these Turbulent and transitional times. Amazing that this advice was offered to me before I became a student in the school of life and have become the basis of TRUTH that sets me...

May 1, 2016


in times and seasons such as these. Into the Beltane, crossquarter between spring and summer we go !  Our winter’s rest is truly over. Opportunities abound and in many ways demand our attention. BLESSED are the roads and choices ahead, at the very least worthy of stro...

March 10, 2016


“Why don’t you swing down sweet Chariot stop and let me ride…! Swing down swing Chariot stop and let me ride. Rock me now, rock me now slow and easy…I got a home on the other side”


Nine went out with a bang….and into the ONE is a whole other flight. The planertar...

February 3, 2016


Life is urging you to become more REAL! rather than the safe and dull routine it has degenerated to.


A time to break up old patterns.


How Much energy is drained from you resisting change? What changes MUST be made to avoid rigidness? discipline? order and responsibili...

January 9, 2016


” When we wish upon a Star…our Dreams can take us very Far….”

In the land of enchantment that the songs, lyrics and Truth of Earth, Wind and Fire , the band and the elements, can take me to or remind me of the SHINE of “my #1 STAR player” as Katt Williams would say…I A...

December 19, 2015


As 2015 rushes toward the history books…What do you remember the most about the tools of empowerment that you have gained from this year? What are your goals, intentions, hopes, dreams and resolutions moving forward? Have you truly stepped into your role as an agent o...

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