Midsummer Solstice celebrates the Full Powers of Life and the BEginning of the change from waxing to a waning year. We celebrate the South, fire, trust, creativity. The longest day of the Sun's journey across the sky. 2020 is a year of Extra and Extremes, so our bonus for the weekend of Juneteenth is the Sun and Dark Moon in the Maternal sign of Cancer and a Lunar Eclipse!  As we come into the Ring of Fire and pass through... Lighthouses are Called to celebrate our missions and SHINE. 

Portions of the Summer Solstice virtual zoom recordings have been loaded to our YouTube. Saturday and Sunday are filled with the Loving exchange of our Gifts of Healing, Bridgebuilding, and Peacemaking. 

If you KNOW the truth, how is your life moving in a way that serves the truth? ~Sangoma Oludoye

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