Live Your Dream - Jonathan Santos
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If you KNOW the truth, how is your life moving in a way that serves the truth? ~Sangoma Oludoye

August 24-31st

"Walking in Good Medicine toward Healthy Elder Culture" 

  Art of Mentoring, Vermont

Sept. 5-8th

"REBOOT of the Soul's Mission"

Crossing the lines: Dismantling Racism

Living in the Caul or Call

Earth Song Rising - Leceister, NC

Sept. 13-15th

"Our Village Re-imagined"

Healing Arts in Nature Festival

Tuskeegee, AL

Oct. 4-6th

Odun OBA 2019

2020 Vision Tour

Oyutunji's 50th Year Celebration



Falling Leaves Rendevous

Avalon, Westminister, SC 

Seasons Such As This:

South to Southwest

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