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Wild Darlings Sing The Blues is a feature length documentary following the Wild Darlings, a queer healing arts collective of black women and non-binary activists, as they embark on an epic road trip from New York to a former slave plantation in Virginia.  The Darlings are tasked with harnessing their “healer within” to bless the plantation land, honor their ancestors and explore their experiences of racial and gender-based violence. They create a performance art homage to The Blues.

Media + Resources

Pitch Deck: Link

Learn more about our film and meet the Wild Darlings cast.

Kickstarter: Link

We raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter in 2021!

Teaser Trailer: Link

Learn more about the Wild Darlings Healing Arts Collective and explore the role of

epigenetics in their work!

NOVA: A New Spelling of My Name: Link

Official selection of DEDZA Films and Kino Lorber’s 2021 Anthology Series, a short film

directed by Nova Scott-James. Synopsis: A young artist, born as Nicole, but renamed

Nova, sets out on a healing journey on an indigenous sanctuary in upstate New York.

Accompanied by the Wild Darlings, a black + queer, healing arts collective, she

transmutes the trauma of her past by performing in white-face as the male teacher that sexually abused her as a child!

Wild Darlings on Social Media: Link

Check out Wild Darlings on social media, podcasts and online events!"

Gratitude & Appreciation to our fiscal sponsor

"From the Heart Productions."

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