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Tribal Alliance

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."  Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet

"When your heart leads you to enter a Tribal Exchange know that the reach of your intent touches those you may never see or meet." -Sangoma

Single parents are 3 times less likely to attend an outdoor festival with children without financial support. The 4T4P YOUTH VILLAGE would like to offer an enchanted, magical experience in nature for the children otherwise lost in underprivileged living situations or addicted to the machine matrix.

Our Elders are ALWAYS in need of support financially to assist with their travel expenses and proper accommodations. We are blessed to have their wisdom and their presence.

Instructors/Presenters in a first year event are truly only compensated by gift currency. If you have goods and/or products (ie; flower seeds, trees, tools of a craft, wellness products, gift certificates/cards, items of celebration, etc.) to go in those baskets, this can be an alternative form of contribution to donating funds and any form of support you choose makes this possible.


We have provided you with options below to choose from in your support of this endeavor. After making your contribution, please be sure to send an email to providing the photo ready ad you want printed in the commemorative booklet. If you are a Tribal Feather Sponsor please provide your mailing address as well. 

Tribal Feather Sponsor

Red Feather Sponsor of $750 or more

- Full page business color ad in booklet

- 2 commemorative booklets
- Media mentions in all event promotions

- Featured spot on Kindred Alliance page and/or

  a guest appearance on the SiSTAR Queens Rise       and Shine Blog Talk Radio Show
- 2 Full event access passes
- 2 Seats at Ancestral Feast

- 2 Event T-shirts


Black Feather Sponsor of $500
- 1/4 page business color ad in booklet 

- 1 commemorative booklet
- 6 Media mentions in event promotions
- 1 Full event access pass
- 1 Seat at Ancestral Feast
- Event T-shirt


Yellow Feather Sponsor of $250
- 1/8 page business B&W ad in booklet 

- 1 commemorative booklet

- 3 media mentions
- 1 Full event access pass
- 1 Seat at Ancestral Feast


White Feather Sponsor of $100
- Patron business listing (name & website only)

  in booklet

- 1 commemorative booklet
- 1 Full event access pass
- 1 Seat at Ancestral Feast


Tribal Feather

Tribal Advertising


Full Page B&W - $300
1/2 Page B&W - $200
1/4 Page B&W - $100
1/8 Page B&W - $50

Photo ready ads due 

Sept. 1st

Purchase B&W Ad

After making your payment, please send your print ready ad to 

You help us grow

You help us live

And we all have different jobs to do

Thank you for what you give

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