Give Thanks for those choosing to BE   the change and assist in helping our Collective SEE   the change in a greater capacity!

After making your $360 exchange through PayPal, please fill out the contact form below providing us with the name & email you registered with, mailing address, and your date of birth for confirmation to complete your registration process.


For those needing to break up the payment, please fill out the form below to make those payment arrangements with Sangoma accordingly.  

Participants, please bring:

- Appropriate camping gear

- Sleeping bag, towels, pillow

- Layered warm clothing

- Sacred gift for Changing Woman Altar

- Ancestral pictures & remembrances

- An Open Heart!

The cultural, spiritual restoration, re-creation, rearranging of our Queendoms, & sovereignty

awaits our Loving Devotion. Women Preserve the Nation, Children are the Nation.

And so it is!

"She changes everything She touches 

And everything She touches changes"