Season of  the Raven

Mystic School  of Alchemy

Springing Into Rebirth

MSA Spring Quarter 


You are invited to join our Spring Quarter Adventures and Explorations into the Mystical Alchemy that beckons us into Health, Wellness and Wholeness in Seasons Such as This!


Tuesday Temple Zoom calls are the invisible walls of our school to gather in and welcome students, Teachers, facilitators, and guests. This is our co-creation of Sacred Space for the revolutionaries "cauled" to this work.


  • March 10th, Open HouseA Wise Women exchange unpacking our medicine bag for balancing the Alchemy of wellness in our families and communities.

  • March 17th, Navigating the Alchemy of Body Wellness. How do we achieve a balance between our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies? What are the tools of Spirit, Mind and Body practices that support our Soul's alignment in the coming challenges and Evolutions.

  • March 24th, Mountain Medicine Woman Raine Ford shares with us tools for keeping an Alchemical balance between our Inner Bodies and the ever-changing external Ecology...

  • March 19-29,  MSA Peaceful Warrior Campout, Oyotunji African Village. Pre-Corona Virus, this "boots on the ground" learning exchange was designed to address the learning curve of experienced campers, Alchemists, Peacemakers, and Bridgebuilders...?  Whenever in this 10-day adventure you arrive, there is a wide range of tools, skills, and medicines to be shared from building bamboo fences and shelters to cooking over the open flame. Finding medicinals in Nature, packing our medicine travel bags for urban shamans.

  • March 31,   The Mystical Tools of the Peaceful Warrior...What are the wise and effective choices of "social distancing" and how it works for you? 

  • April 7th,  Medicine Wheels, Shields and other Tools of Sacred Navigation.   Managing the internal and external forces of Nature.  Rituals for protection, purification, grief, and forgiveness.

  • April 14th- The Alchemy of Peacemaking and Bridgebuildingan in-depth study of circle processes, shared leadership, conflict resolution and other tools for meeting each other halfway. Mapmaking and innertracking  the paths to a common ground of unity.


We Thank you in advance for your prayers and support for this School. The absence of schools of ancient mystical practices, codes of conduct, regenerative cultural redesigns, mystery schools has come 360. The charge we have to keep is to share these teachings as they were shared with me from powerful ancestors.  To date, we have not had the benefit of clear financial exchange through the school's registration. Despite this, we will not give up the mission and encourage those that receive support and guidance through these teachings, online, in the woods or one on one pay it forward. As the KOS website evolves and updates... several choices and opportunities for a fair exchange are recommended...


Kindred of Sangoma yearly membership gifts: 

When paid in full, this provides the highest return on your investment. Namely, you are always welcome in our Zoom calls or online events, and a 50% discount to "boots on the ground" campouts or personal midwifery to healing ancestral trauma and upgrading the soul's evolutions through destiny.


There is always an a la carte choice...this is like paying full price for anything from Divination, to online or in the woods MSA courses.

Choosing a route of barter and trade...allows you and Sangoma to meet at an intersection of Destiny where a currency of equal value is the heart foundation of any and all exchanges.