Mystic School 

of Alchemy

Season of  the Raven

MSA Fall Quarter 



9/15 Adventures and Explorations in Nature, Culture, and Spirit 

As guided by "Corona, the Crown of the Moon", we identify and witness for each other the Sacred Navigational tools we are truly in possession of ...or in need of? We will share specialized COVID Safety Disciplines...Alchemically. Shield building with Herbal allies, Baths, Teas, Tinctures...Medicine Making. ( This temple time is designed to give strength and clarity for SWOT during the coming eight weeks)


9/17-20 Dark Moon in Virgo Retreat weekend

Fall Equinox Virtual Gathering, Groundcrew limited to 8 participants...

Compound camping, abule Oyotunji..Sheldon, South Carolina


9/22  Chakra Balancing

Revisiting the teachings of Carolyn Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit...we explore Mind, Body and Soul Alignments. These ceremonies and rituals are useful in Centering our Core Values. We offer a deep dive of purification rituals for Finding and Maintaining inner peace in the mists of turmoil. Most importantly, we will examine tools for Dialing Back from the Drama and Distractions from external forces.


9/29 Celestine Prophecy, Insights in Real-Time

We are in the exploration of the tenth insight: How to Hold the Vision, Holding many Truths simultaneously. What are your tools for silencing the noise? It's a wild adventure and roller coaster ride that calls for spiritual agility and a good bit of shapeshifting! Self-care take away kit includes blessings and prayers for feet, roads, hands, heart, throat, third eye...our earthly and heavenly heads, and their continued alignment.


10/6 House of Cards, Mirrors, Glass:

Shattering the Illusions, Exposing the Shadows

This adventure began as you left the dimension of the unborn child and Entered through the birth portal /address of your Divine blueprint for this Earthwalk. Numerology, Astrology, Tarot are just some of the tools that assist the sacred navigation of our inner GPS. By avoiding the traps and pitfalls, we are better able to keep our balance in ALL things.


10/13 The Path of the Ascension Guide

This Adventure is full of Discovery

Here we are paying attention to the Bridgebuilding that leads to a greater level of inner peace, clarity, and vision. As we prepare to enter the Age of Aquarius Full On in December as 2020 dissolves into the history books, what medicine is needed in our traveling bag for the roads ahead.

Winter is coming and we are prioritizing What really matters and Why?


10/20 Ancestral Deep Dive

a journey into the repairs and unfinished business of our ancestors. In the approach of Odun Oya, where ceremonies for the Mother of the Masquerade and Ancestors beckons into and through the underworld of our Souls...

In order to know where you are going into your development, reflections of past experiences is key. To Know the his/Herstory avoids repeating it.


10/23-10/26 The Great Masquerade: Odun Oya

Boots on the Ground, abule Oyotunji

Zoom Virtual Gathering or Live Check-ins?


11/3....Temple Time

Closing Ceremony, Looking into the Season of the Raven 2020!