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Mystic School 

of Alchemy

Spring Quarter 

This Journey in the Rebirth

of Adventures and Explorations

into and through

Nature, Culture and Spirit

Registration now closed


Our Spring online Zoom series of weekly gatherings invites conscious agents of change 

to open the Portals of our soul's journeys to stabilize the collective missions of Destiny.

We begin on the May Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Sagittarius.


5/26 Owning Our Oneness 

Invites us to move into the Deep dive ahead by acknowledging and witnessing the Resolution of Duality within. The beginning of this Adventure explores the "skins" we have shed and how we feel, move and master our BEINGNESS... in Spring 2021's new Skin????


6/2 Healing the Divide

Finding and Maintaining Radical Neutrality , the Middle path..BE coming the Masters of Healing and Restoration.


6/9 The Union of Truthtelling and Storytelling

This is the exploration of the Art of Exquisite Listening, Choosing our finest words and taking back the birthright of Living and telling our own stories...The Alchemy and gifts of good storytellers, is to reveal the potency of of the story, without pointing the finger at anyone?


6/16 Fertilizing our Common Ground

This gathering invites participants to move empowered through the Summer Solstice with a greater awareness of the functional tools we are now tending the gardens of the communities we serve.


6/23 Building Bridges/Villages Sustainably

Transitioning our Lives and service to others toward the Better World we all know is possible is not a game of chance. How does our relationships to Nature, Culture and Spirit support healthy redesigns to our families and communities?  


6/30 Overcoming the Wonderwelm

This Closing exploration navigates us through the tool kit and takeaways from this journey. Make no mistake, the world is Full of Mental and Emotional Overwhelm, with many challenges up ahead.

What do we really know now, that we didn't know then????


Season of the Raven


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