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Lodge of Agbasanko

Long ago, and far away the Chief Oluwo of Destiny, the embodiment of the Sovereign path to wisdom, the movement of children being reared into strong elders of integrity, came down to one main ingredient...


eko - cultural education 

In other words, a road map of manners & behaviors. Knowing and following all P's & Q's (walks of Princes and Queens)

omo gidi - the genuine child

Is a child Blessed and a Blessing to their place in the village, the awareness of their gifts and medicine for the people.

omo komo - the wreckless child

One who lacks eko - a cultural upbringing - destroys the home


A child that wanders through life and a body aging inside & out is likened to a bone doll. Hollow, some say, for Divinity's song to be played. Others grow into "olders" that have stored the medicines of Life, Death & Rebirth along the way.

There are many conversations "waiting to BE Had" about

"How we walk in Good Medicine Toward Healthy Elder Culture"

Grandmother Spider is always weaving!

In Seasons Such as this, now more than ever, the Egbe, Society of Elders are challenged to support Village Truthtellers, calm the Fears of the Masses, Keep our Event Participants Safe and Strong

and Dive into the Darkness of rebuilding safe and healthy communities...against All odds.

Art of Mentoring

Healthy Elder Culture


Some may well wonder what volumes ARE spoken in the picture below of Nancy Basket & Sangoma. The primary gift that we so freely exchange with one another and those we serve is the wisdom of Clan Mothers and their place in the overall scheme of things or life in relationship to many villages.

This is a call or heartbeat of the drum that encourages our Earthskills community and Leadership, in particular, to revisit our common intentions & actions toward maintaining Healthy Elder Culture.

The path of Peacemakers, cultural foundations of Bridgebuilders depends, grows & flourishes from these intersections of Destiny.

ALL Voices Matter!

Sangoma Oludoye & Nancy Basket
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