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Crowns of Isis Rites and Passages is a journey through the teaching of the 13 Original Clan Mothers of the Seneca tradition. These are the grandmothers, wisdomkeepers, medicine women, and Guardians of Truth. The adventures, explorations, and evolutions of Crowns is a division of the Mystic School of Alchemy...".a mystery school for the times we are living, through". The void of these sacred teachings in the growth and development of women of color in particular, has robbed those wandering and stumbling through their lives of a sustainable connection to the deeper truths that dwell within. 


As we enter and move through these passages, we are able to recalibrate the death, rebirth, and celebration of our Lives at greater levels of inner peace, liberation, and sovereignty.

I came to Sangoma and Crowns through the Power of a Changing Woman ceremony in 2021. These passages through the cycles of the moons and seasons, are still revealing to me the places of denial, resistance, and fears of embracing ALL that I AM, that obstructed my path from the inheritance of Greatness and the legacy left to me by my Ancestors. 

Today and Every day moving forward I walk a path of Beauty and Wholeness. I wear my Crown in anticipation of the visions I AM BEcoming and Manifesting. Humbly, I stand Tall.

Oribunmi Anunaku-EON

Nation of Sawajehra

 Sky Above

First Crown

Anunaku Crowned
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