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2016 Classes

Functional Movement, Breathing & Relaxation

Bill Parravano

This class will focus on understanding your nervous system on a deeper level. Through movement we will study your body’s tension and learn how to release that tension through proper breathing. We will cover the importance of functional movement in the context of primitive/homestead living and use breathing and relaxation to accelerate your body’s recovery and healing. Be prepared to move in ways you never thought possible and gain flexibility that is both dynamic and exhilarating. You will move away from the class with a deeper understanding of your body and the role your nervous system plays in how you feel.

Ashleigh Ruckert

Sound is the primary creative force in the universe. The powerful vibrations from the gong begin to quiet the mind within 90 seconds. The body relaxes, the nervous system begins to repair itself. The listener enters into a state of profound self awareness, feeling calm and energized at the same time. It is from this place of calm, still, self awareness that healing takes place.


Creating and Maintaining an Ancestor Fire Altar (Thurs Afternoon)

SnowBear Taylor

Join Earthskills elder, SnowBear, to open a ritual portal for our well and loving ancestors. This fire will be tended throughout the gathering and serve as a space to pray, sing, share stories and commune with the ones who come before.


Cheyenne/Sioux Style Tipi (Thurs Afternoon)

Joan Candalino

Enjoy stepping into and learning the art of a dwelling used by many of the plains Tribes of Native Americans. We will set up a tipi made by Sweetwater Tipis, Joan's own company.


Creating a Living Mythology

Frank Salzano

We'll discuss some ideas of how to create a "living mythology,' incorporating animism back into our lives. We'll delve into matters of archetypal myth and the psyche. We'll weave together threads of radical anthropology, astrology, story-telling, depth psychology, a touch of the mundane moment, & more!


Tonifying Qi Practice to Take Home
Leopard LightningSoft

The 8 Precious Pieces exercises are easily learned to become a regular practice for those looking for a simple yet effective way to tune up and tune into their body-feeling-mind!
Part of the ancient Nature-Spirit based practice of Qigong from China, the Precious Pieces clear, strengthen and balance all levels of the Five Element system within us. The use of Healing Sound, accessible meditation and visualization and other enjoyable movement-based practices will be explored over three individual but related classes.

Grieving with Our Ancestors and the Earth 
Daniel Foor
Heart pain, longing, and loss are inevitable here on Earth, yet modern American folks often feel ill-equipped to navigate the full, transformative potency of grief. We’ll discuss ways diverse cultures weave ritual, grieving, and heart-centered community and talk about how getting good at grieving is one beautiful way to for mend cracks in the larger vessel of our humanity.

We'll also call upon appropriate elemental powers and ancestral guides to hold a kind and protective space for grieving. This will include ritual precautions to honor the potency and energetic reality of emotional pain. Participants will be invited to contact the heart of their experience, express from this place, and move through the cycle into ritual cleansing and return.


Ancestral and Family Healing
Everyone has loving and wise ancestors, and by reaching out for their support we access tremendous vitality for personal and family healing. Our ancestors help us to clarify our destiny, important relationships, and work in the world. They're also important allies in the ongoing work for social and ecological justice.

Attendees will learn ways to safely and directly engage family and older lineage ancestors for guidance, healing, and inspiration. We'll also explore practices of making offerings and establishing boundaries with the dead who are not yet at peace.  All experience levels welcome, including those with a troubled family or no knowledge of their ancestors.

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