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And welcome to the Kindred of Sangoma! This rapidly growing family of Bridgebuilders, weavers, way-showers, social entrepreneurs, wilderness educators, cultural/sacred activists, gardeners, farmers and the Good Food Movement has grown exponentially from its birth in the late 1990s from the Willing Workers of Coosawhatchie, SC. Our Kindred by blood and choice are building the strong ropes of friendship and community that serve the highest good of our common goals.

Weaving the Web, Kindred Alliances



Throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally, there is a growing movement of nature connection organizations and wilderness schools that are cultivating character, confidence, passion, and perseverance in young people and adults through long-term nature-based mentoring. Draw upon the experience of other nature connection leaders and provide your team opportunities to collaboratively learn with peers.

A Human-Earth Sanctuary & Learning Community and “Mountain Medicines, Spoken in the Language of Science”. The wellness team of Mountain Medicine Woman, Raine Ford, invite visitors and local community to turn off the Matrix and open all channels to the collective heart for healing, playfulness, restoration, and soul regeneration.

The name Nemeton literally means place of "beginnings". 

Earthskills Rendezvous

2 events each year - Rivercane Rendezvous in the spring and Falling Leaves Rendezvous in the fall. Our program focus is daily top quality instruction in dozens of ancestral and heritage primitive skills such as matchless fire making, foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants, stone tool creation and use, ancient weaponry and basket making, just to name a few. 

Women's Wilderness Workshops

Come together to practice, share and teach earth based skills to enrich our connection to mother earth. All women are welcome to join us for 4 days of joyous learning, connection and sharing these most ancient of primitive skills.​

Lena Ruark-Eastes

We believe the Earth is our wisest mentor. 🌎 We commit ourselves to intergenerational healing and creating dignified rites of passages that bring love of natural self, service to community and protection of the Earth. We believe that deepening a relationship with nature leads to choices that protect the places and species we love. Our programs bring ceremonial beauty for the health of the wild soul and the planet. The rights and well-being of girls, women and the feminine are central to our vision and actions, as we share skills for empowerment and create a space to heal from destructive cultural constructs that hurt girls and women. We are creating the nourishing and honoring culture we deserve. 

The world is changing and we all know it and can feel it. 
As a result, the methods and tools we use to connect with others from different lifestyles, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs must adapt to today's needs as well. "What Color Is Your Soul?​" looks at Human Diversity and Inclusion through a scientific spiritual lens.

In this latest book, Niambi injects humor, creativity and insight while providing a refreshing approach from an actionable perspective. This book is for everyone! 

Niambi deepens our conversation; inspires flexibility in our thinking while activating each of us to be a powerful catalyst for positive change and transformation.

"What Color Is Your Soul?" takes a truly amazing heart-centered approach; focusing on assisting you, ​​the reader, in developing an effective and adaptable Cultural Intelligence - which is an asset when navigating cultural differences and beliefs.

This life-changing book will inspire and support our collective desire to create intentional community environments; where the vision of Global Inclusion ​becomes more of "who" we are, rather than "what" we do. ​

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Nova Scott-James is a filmmaker and artist from Harlem, NYC. She began to conceptualize this film in the wake of dealing with her grandmother's passing, when she found herself transforming her own childhood trauma and the trauma of her ancestors that she was experiencing in her waking life, in her body and spirit, and in dream time.


Wild Darlings Sing The Blues (and it’s a song of freedom) is an Afro-surrealist 8-part episodic doc narrative hybrid series, centered around a group of queer women of color building a utopian healing commune on a former slave plantation in Virginia.

View the trailer here:

PermaJam Fam

In 2016, we melded music, art, ecology, sustainability, and wisdom to create an unforgettable experience for generations to come. PermaJam festivals are gatherings for our children and for the Earth. Everything that manifests at PermaJam is medicine to help nourish our surrounding communities and to help us remember who we are and where we come from. We hear the calling to return to our roots and break out of the mainstream culture that is influencing our children today. As conscious humans unite, we have the power to build a harmonious and solid foundation we can flourish on. And it all starts with planting seeds for our youth - If we can’t provide the valuable wisdom, tools, and skillsets our children need to grow, then how will future generations prosper? We promote a culture of Earth Stewardship, of responsibility and giving back to the land that sustains us. Our goal is to continue to build sustainable communities by organizing permaculture festivals.

Joy Maat

Maatic Flow Yoga incorporates whole health & wellness practices through Kemetic Yoga & Spirituality as well as healthy diet and conscious living.

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