Live Your Dream - Jonathan Santos
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As the stones of 2019 roll away and the pages turn to the end of this chapter, this Season, evolutions toward our Forward Progressions...

need BE checking in on the Life, Death and Rebirth 

of Truth as we know it?

Here are the Questions on our heart from Northern Travels...

Who ARE we??

Who are we in the BE coming of???

Are We Healing?

What is the Healing Balm we are most in need of?

We Look forward to sharing the conversations waiting to Be had in the Sacred space of Temple Time, 90 minutes, Tuesday evenings in December...

Bat channel number to be announced.

Seasons Such As This:

South to Southwest

Kindred of Sangoma Vlog on

If you KNOW the truth, how is your life moving in a way that serves the truth? ~Sangoma Oludoye

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